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Salary cap and pending free agents

By Mr.Krazy
7/16/2015 2:44 pm
I noticed earlier this season that about more than half of my team is in their last year of the contract given to them per the allocation draft.

Not a problem... except I don't have the salary cap to even sign a quarter of them.

Anyone else have a ton of players in the last year of their contract and don't have enough cap space to sign at least half of them? Is this a Allocation draft Contract glitch?

Re: Salary cap and pending free agents

By $B$Dog$
7/16/2015 6:21 pm
I thought it was only my team. Hmmmm.

Re: Salary cap and pending free agents

By Zeffy
7/16/2015 6:28 pm
I haven't had any salary cap issues at all. On the contrary, probably going to spend big this FA period. Maybe it's because I already let go of a lot of guys that made more money; that or you're overpaying.

On another note: shameful to go from a few plays to being in the championship game, to bottom of the division. Need to strike it rich this off-season if I want to get back into the playoff picture.
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Re: Salary cap and pending free agents

By Morbid
7/17/2015 10:26 am
You can create a lot of cap space by locking your young players up that are good and have an upswing to them.

Offer them 6 year contracts, look to see what the bonus they want is for those 6 years. Then you can move the bonus higher, once you do that you can start to adjust the total contract lower. This will make the contracts for less but just with higher bonuses. I wouldnt do this for older players that the contract would exceed their 10th season in league. The only way this could hurt is if you cut the player for some reason or trade them as then you you will take a hit on dead cap space. This could help with cap issues. Then you still should be able to still sign those borderline players for what they want for a contract. This will not work for decreasing the years of contract they want as they are still going to want that same bonus money for say a 3year contract even if you offer them a 2 years.

Hope I explained this well enough