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2016 Draft Class

By WarEagle
5/01/2015 8:43 am
I will be glad when the new draft class player generator is in place for all leagues.

This class is horrible.

I'm still considering whether to even renew for next year. This may be the deciding factor.

Re: 2016 Draft Class

By Zeffy
5/01/2015 10:37 am
Horrible in what way? Doesn't seem that bad to me.

Re: 2016 Draft Class

By WarEagle
5/01/2015 12:30 pm
I know we all have different weightings for players, but based on mine ...

There is only 1 player in the entire pool with a projected potential in the 90s.

The top rated QB has a projected potential of 79, with an Avoid Fumble rating of 1/4. Better hope you have a good line so he never gets touched.

The 2nd best QB has a potential of 67.

All in all, just not very good players. Of course, I am only talking about the top of the draft (1st / 2nd rounds). Some people may think the pool is great because there's a lot of players in the 60s, but I could care less about those in regards to evaluating the draft class. You don't improve your team in any significant way with those players.

Like I said, I'm hopeful that these are the last classes like this. It's really ruining the fun of the game for me.

Re: 2016 Draft Class

By Zeffy
5/01/2015 2:03 pm
I count 24 with 81+ potential grades. That QB has an 84 potential for me. Not to mention those potentials will fluctuate greatly. I don't buy the "81 means they SHOULD end up at 81" because I rarely see players just not change in future. They go down or up. A lot of the mid-rounders will go up to 70s and 80s and be studs in the future, a lot of them will go down and be busts. Some of those QBs will go up to 70-80 in time, that 79 might be a 99, might be a 60, lol. It's true in any QB class IRL that there is only one legit stud prospect that everyone thinks will be good (but might still bust) and then a second-tier of projects, the rest career backups or 3rd stringers and that's all they'll ever be. The very rare stud can emerge late, just takes a long time though.

I do agree the class is lacking, but face value doesn't really show how the class will turn out in the end.
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Re: 2016 Draft Class

By andrakh
5/01/2015 2:27 pm
..agree with wareagle here.. this is not an immpressive draftclass.. i have 2x2nd and 2x3rd round picks.. i was hoping to get more from that.. will see..

Re: 2016 Draft Class

By WarEagle
5/01/2015 3:45 pm
Of course players could eventually improve above their current projected potential, or go down.

The point is that there aren't many players "projected" to have high potentials.

Last night people pointed out how this is the 6th time in the NFL that QBs have been taken with the first 2 picks. Regardless of whether they met expectations or not (Leaf, Mirer), they were at least "projected" to be stars.

At least the people making those picks were able to feel good about who they got when they drafted them. Here, it's more like...oh well, I guess I'll take this guy. He could be a good backup, and if I get lucky he could boom and become a decent starter.

Re: 2016 Draft Class

By Zeffy
5/01/2015 10:36 pm
I do agree the very top talent maybe need to increase, but overall I think it's alright. Seeing as how most starters are 50-60 range, and those should be the "decent-good" range, where 70-80 are high-end players and 85+ are elite, yeah. 1 good-to-elite QB, a few that could maybe crop up to high-end but probably just at most "good" starters (where 1 or 2 probably skyrocket up to good-to-elite), and the rest backups. I've had two mid-rounder QBs shoot up to 80+ potential on previous teams.
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