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Training Camp

By Mr.Krazy
5/28/2015 10:35 pm
How did everyone's Training camp go? Did anyone get any Booms or Busts? Here is how Seattle's Training Camp went:

RB Rodgers 5/2 May compete for Starting job
TE Mangus 3/-1
WR Bradley 5/-3 Slight Disappointment
WR Curtis 3/1
LG Rice 3/-1 Switched from Center to Guard
RT Leonard 2/5 My boom from the draft
LDE Rae 1/-1
DT Beach 3/0
DT Vang 6/-1 Switched from CB to DT, has some potential shown
MLB Calaway 5/-1
CB Elliot 2/5 My other Boom from the draft
CB Lane 6/-2 Pretty much the bust for the draft, will have to analyze on field action to decide whether to be cut
SS Baldree 6/-1

These players are not from this years draft, but they are noteable Training camp standouts:
LDE Robert Carrico 8/1 Was going to be cut this year, but may make the roster after all.
LT Anthony Carpenter 5/2 Now will compete for the starting job
DT Scott Burke 6/5 This 3 year vet. was the Boom of Training camp. Now he may compete for secondary spot @ DT

Re: Training Camp

By WarEagle
5/29/2015 6:05 am
I only had 2 draft picks this year.

1.32 - MLB Sanderson +5 / +6 Looks like a future star.
4.32 - FB hernandez +3 / -3 Changed from TE to FB. May not make roster.

The only non-rookie standout was 3rd year FS McCoy who posted a +10 / +2.